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This web provides a centralized source for materials on Formal Technical Review (FTR) a term encompassing a variety of software review methods such as Fagan Inspections (Fagan76), Active Design Reviews (Parnas85), Phased Inspections (Knight93 ), and FTArm (Johnson94).

Formal Technical Review can be defined as:

A method involving a structured encounter in which a group of technical personnel analyzes an artifact according to a well-defined process. The outcome is a structured artifact that assesses or improves the quality of the artifact as well as the quality of the method.


What's New?
A record of updates to this archive. The last update occurred on: December 22, 2001.

FTR Library
A cross-indexed bibliography on FTR with over 230 entries.

A listing of known computer-based tools that support software review.

Lecture materials for educators.

Motorola's Formal Inspection Process
Materials on formal inspection developed by Alan R. Weiss and Kerry Kimbrough.

NASA's Formal Inspection Process
The Home Page for Inspections at NASA.

Education and Training
A listing of consultants and organizations providing training in FTR.

The SIRO Home Page.
SIRO (Software Inspection and Review Organization) is an industry-based, voluntary organization devoted to the exchange of information about group-based examination of software work products.

Miscellaneous FAQs.
Some tidbits that didn't fit anyplace else.

Contributing to this archive

Contributions of new materials for inclusion in this archive are gratefully welcomed. Send citations, events, tool pointers, corrections, or comments to I would like to particularly thank Bruno Peeters ( and Tom Gilb ( for their many additions to the WWW FTR Library.

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